Lunar Sadhana Restorative Yoga Class

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Prana Flow ® Lunar Sadhana

Restorative yoga class

Release your stress and revitalise your body, mind and spirit with Prana Flow ® Lunar Sadhana, a restorative yoga class that invites ease and flow through Ida Nadi, the cooling lunar current in your body.

This yoga class calls you for a journey within while honouring the body as your temple. It invites you to release your mind and experience yourself fully in your physical body in the present moment. Gentle deep movement is combined with breath to bring your focus to simply being. Focused body orientation causes a transition from mental chaos and physical tension to a grounded physical state and a natural stillness of the mind.

This weekly restorative yoga class is very calming and leaves you feeling rested, refreshed, and focused; it centres, balances and grounds you to better deal with a hectic lifestyle.

This class is also very appropriate for pregnancy as it is very slow and aimed towards greater relaxation, working wonders in connecting mother and baby.

Book your space for Prana Flow ® Lunar Sadhana restorative yoga class

The Lunar Sadhana restorative yoga session is held on Fridays at 5.30pm and the duration is approximately 1 hour for the price of 7 euro.

Contact Jenny for further information and to book your space. Stay informed by clicking “interested” on the Prana Flow ®  Lunar Sadhana Facebook event.

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