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Yoga is not just what we do on the mat,
it is how we live our lives…
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The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2016: The French Alps


Join a local yoga community at the Lotus Room Yoga Centre. Jennifer Cortis C.H. Dip Yoga is a dedicated yogini who has been sharing her passion for yoga with her students for over ten years. The Lotus Room story is a story of love and of family, and Jennifer hosts several workshops, yoga retreats, and yoga holidays to create the space for deeper connection with self and other.

At the Lotus Room you will experience yoga. You will join regular mixed level group yoga classes, which allow students to progress gradually at their own pace. There are also specific workshops of yoga for beginners or advanced practitioners. All yoga classes are based on Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga, which combines movement with breath – a practice that trains you to tap into blissful Presence. Weekly meditation sessions explore various meditation techniques and how to integrate them into daily life. Themed workshops according to the cycles of nature aim to  inspire personal evolution and harmony with all that is. Yoga is not just what we do on the mat, it is a way of life.

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Contact me to book your space. Yoga and meditation classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5.30 pm and 7pm; check out the yoga classes schedule and FAQ. Check out also our workshops, yoga retreats, yoga holidays and other events.

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