Yoga Retreats & Yoga Holidays

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Yoga Retreats & Yoga Holidays

Indulge in yoga retreats to combine the pleasures of yoga wellness with that of traveling to another country and having new experiences. Yoga retreats are like extended workshops that span days rather than a few hours. Furthermore, they make unique yoga holidays that help you disconnect from the mundane and immerse yourself completely in a world of yoga wellness at a live-in. We take special care to offer a venue, food and programme to relax you and stimulate you in all the right ways. Find out more and join us.

The yoga retreats are personally attended to by Jennifer Cortis, founder of the Lotus Room, while Bella Cortis assists with the smooth and seamless running of the retreat, gives special attention to individuals during the group yoga sessions and offers advice about a healthy vegetarian diet. 

List of Yoga Retreats

The Lotus Room typically hosts at least one retreat abroad each year. We have been to Como, Barcelona, the French Alps, Tuscany and Norwich. Each location inspires a different approach to practising a life of yoga.

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Upcoming Retreats

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019: Granada, Spain

Embark on a yoga journey to a greater embodiment, vitality and enjoyment of life. Accept living flow, creative fulfilment and natural happiness as your birthright and find your connection to your sva dharma; your inherent purpose in life. With Prana Vinyasa Yoga as our core tool, we utilise the life force in the breath to power the movement of life in all its waves, cycles and evolution in a state of unified consciousness. []

Past Retreats

If you are wondering what to expect, check out our previous retreats.

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2018: Norwich

In May 2018, the Lotus Room went to peaceful Norwich. The theme of this retreat was to unplug, unwind and relax while finding a deeper connection with ourselves, others and nature. We appealed to that side of you that longed to return to a state of pure being, letting go of the daily stresses of life that can become so overwhelming. Finding stillness of mind, we made a return to Presence and the joy of living in the moment while appreciating the simple pleasure of being human. []

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2017: Tuscany

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2017 Tuscany

In 2017, the Lotus Room went to romantic Tuscany. This yoga holiday brought together nature and nurture to balance and boost overall well-being. In the wilderness of medieval Tuscany, surrounded by rolling hills and breath-taking landscapes and with a myriad of stunning walks, we certainly felt close to nature! This was a yoga retreat celebrated the love of life with a homey feeling, delicious and healthy home-made food, a strong and dedicated daily yoga practice, and an insight on how to boost your well-being. []

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2016: The French Alps

In 2016, the Lotus Room went to the awe-inspiring French Alps. This yoga holiday appealed to both the yogi and the adventurer in us all. Discover the experience in this one-minute video and click here to read more about it, see photos and watch the full-length video – you may just discover your reasons to join future Lotus Room yoga retreats and yoga holidays. []

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