Lotus Room Videos

They say a picture says a thousand words but videos say much more. We have a variety of Lotus Room videos to inspire you and guide you through your home practice of yoga and meditation.

Take your yoga practice to another level with daily practice. Here you will find yoga videos to guide you through vinyasa yoga combined breath and movement sequences, and guided meditation videos to help you find your stillness.

Lotus Room Videos | Lotus Room Yoga Malta
Yoga Sadhana CD by the Lotus Room is available for purchase.

You can also explore yoga events by the Lotus Room from the comfort of your home; get inspired to join us!

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The Yoga Sadhana home practice CD by the Lotus Room is also available for purchase. Contact us to get one.

Yoga and Meditation Videos

Yoga Videos

Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation - harness solar power and give honour to the sun

This yoga vinyasa is traditionally performed by yogis daily at dawn to relieve stiffness, revitalize the body and refresh the mind. It can be practised at any time as long as it is done on an empty stomach. During the day it will provide an instant energy boost, and after sunset it will help you to unwind.

Standing Pose Yoga Flow - Increase strength and stability

This Standing Pose Flow will help you increase power, strength and stability in the whole body, especially the legs. This flow creates the foundation for more advanced poses.

Meditation Videos

Guided Morning Meditation: 10 minutes to kick start your day

Each day is a new beginning. This short meditation will help you set your intentions to begin the day centered, focused and empowered to flow peacefully throughout the day.

Guided Meditation: 10 minutes to end your day in Gratitude

Each day we count our blessings. This short guided meditation will assist you in your inward journey.

Lotus Room Events Videos

Steal a sneak peak at the Lotus Room yoga events that you joined or might have missed; get inspired to join the ones coming up!

Summer Solstice Yoga at the Beach 2018

Feel the energy of our annual summer solstice yoga gathering at Riviera beach.

Summer Solstice Yoga at the Beach 2015

Join our annual celebration of the summer solstice at the beach.

Yoga Retreat 2015 - Barcelona, Spain

Gain some insight into what our annual yoga retreats are like.

Yoga Retreat 2014 - Lake Como, Italy

Join the Lotus Room yoga community on one of our annual yoga retreats.

Yoga Trance Dance ®

Witness the wonderful energy of a Yoga Trance Dance workshop at the Lotus Room.