Keeping a Meditation Journal


Ever wondered what it would be like to see your spiritual growth on paper? A meditation journal does just that. Memory alone can’t possibly process and package all the deep transformations you undergo when you take on meditation as a lifestyle commitment. Even if you’ve mastered the art, the act of recording it in an intimate written memento is something that will increase in value to reach pricelessness at the helm of your journey.

Like a good memoirs, a meditation journal tracks your voyage towards a higher state of consciousness while preserving the lighter flutterings that take you there. In the same way someone with a newly solidified fitness goal labours rewardingly towards their ultimate physique, a meditation journal embodies the toned contours you’d expect to see as markers of their development – rendering them in an endearingly personal form.

Doing it the Right Way

We often underestimate the power of our own voice to guide us through our evolution. A simple note of the thoughts and emotions experienced can open levels of insight into our progress. Don’t consider this an extra constraint on your meditative practice. The point is to draw a mental map which you can revisit later with fondness and awe as you trace your arc back to its origins.

Start small and easy – no need for elaborate essays. The best thing about it is that you can experiment with various modes of expression and media: a few scribbles on your favourite patterned notebook, a fresh line or two on your laptop notepad, even an expressive doodle (if you’re more graphically inclined).

Positive outcomes and struggles are both welcome to fill the blank page. These will help you pinpoint how you’re benefiting from your practice and identify areas where you might need closer dedication to fully reap the fruits of meditation.

And finally:
“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.” – Natalie Goldberg

At the ​Lotus Room​, we have sessions that include reflection meditation as part of the ​Living in Harmony Meditation sessions held on Fridays at 7pm.