Strength and flexibility … of body and mind

Strength and flexibility are desirable qualities for a healthy body – strength implies muscle strength and stamina, while flexibility refers to our ability to bend without breaking. But not only. They are also desirable characteristics in our ability to deal with other people or situations in life.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you able to tolerate hardship and persevere in the face of difficulty, or do you simply give up and break down?
  • Are you able to adapt to any situation with a smile, or do you feel out of control and unhappy when things do not go according to plan?

Too much emphasis on developing superficial strength can restrain flexibility, while too much emphasis on superficial flexibility can reduce strength and stability. This applies to our minds as well as our bodies.

Muscles with a lot of movement and flexibility could be a sign that one lacks stability in the muscle fibres; that is superficial flexibility. In the same way, muscles with a forceful power that comes from bulkiness lack efficiency to vary their load-bearing; that is superficial strength

A truly strong body can go for any challenge, and a flexible one will not break under any amount of pressure. Similarly, a strong mind is one that can adapt, and a flexible mind is one that can cope with anything.

Develop your strength and flexibility with yoga – it is not just what we do on the mat, it is a way of life.