Solar Sadhana Advanced Yoga Class

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Prana Flow ® Solar Sadhana

Advanced yoga class

Harness the power of the sun and connect to your personal power with Prana Flow ® Solar Sadhana, an energising advanced yoga class that stimulates the power of Pingala Nadi, the solar-energy breath current in your body.

Prana Flow ® Solar Sadhana invites you to explore the dynamic energy flow in your body and the generation of the solar current to support an exploration of peak poses. We work safely with the Vinyasa Krama – the stages of development – to gradually prepare you for the peak pose. Yoga poses are sequenced according to the function and energy of each asana to allow each student to find his or her unique developmental and emotional current.

Focused energy orientation causes a shift that invigorates and strengthens your body and restores your energy levels. Intense movement is combined with breath to bring your focus to the solar power flowing through your body and the solar plexus chakra, the storehouse of Prana vital energy, which is located at the core of your body.

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Prana Flow ® Solar Sadhana is held weekly on Wednesday at 7pm and the session duration is approx 75 minutes for the price of 10 euro. This powerful advanced yoga class is better suited to experienced or advanced yoga students; beginners can prepare themselves for the intensive Solar Sadhana yoga session by regularly attending the weekly Prana Flow®  Lunar Sadhana class, which is held on Fridays at 5.30pm.

Contact Jenny for further information and to book your space. Stay informed by clicking “interested” on the Prana Flow ®  Solar Sadhana Facebook event.

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