Private Yoga Classes

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Private Yoga Classes

Following the Covid-19 lockdown, yoga classes at the Lotus Room have migrated online via Zoom until September 2020. The live online yoga classes enable you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

Hands-on assistance

If you need or feel more inspired with hands-on assistance, 90-minute private classes are now available at any time of day for individuals and groups of up to four students. There are various reasons why private yoga classes may be necessary for certain individuals:

Starting the yoga journey

If you wish to take up yoga and have no previous experience, you may need assistance with the fundamentals. The Lotus Room traditionally holds a Yoga Foundation for Beginners workshop monthly. Apart from newbies, this workshop is also recommended for any yoga practitioner wishing to refine their body alignment and movement with breath. In the absence of this workshop until September 2020, get similar coaching with private classes.

Individual attention for your specific needs

Each private class is tailored according to the individual or group’s specific needs. This may include, but is not limited to, dealing with stress, insomna, injury, disability, lack of self-confidence or pregnancy. Let us know how we can apply yoga to support your goals.

Special circumstances

If it is an unpredictable schedule that keeps you from joining regular group classes, whether in a studio or online, treat yourself to private yoga classes. These also give you the extra benefit of one-on-one personal attention – this will be YOUR time.

Pregnancy yoga

Prenatal yoga, or pregnancy yoga, is also offered as a private yoga class. We believe that every mother-to-be is unique, and personal attention is given to each mother and baby at the Lotus Room.

Book your Private Yoga Class now

Private yoga classes are available on mornings, afternoons and evenings by pre-booking. Class duration is 90 minutes, with individual attention to cater specifically for your personal requirements. 

1 student – 45 euro
2 students – 70 euro
3 students – 90 euro
4 students – 100 euro

Contact Jenny for further information and booking.