Live Online Yoga Classes

Live online yoga classes and online meditation sessions

We are delighted by the popularity of our live online yoga and meditation classes. Students who had moved away from Malta returned to practice with us online and invited their friends. Students who were class-shy found the courage to take up a regular practice at home. And Jenny discovered a novel way to teach yoga in an empty yoga centre that’s however tuned in to students worldwide via the internet!

The year 2020 saw a big change happening globally as Covid-19 brought businesses to a halt and everybody staying at home. But this calamity brought with it an opportunity for people to divert their focus within and changed the way we connect with each other.

Yoga and meditation classes, along with many other offerings, came to your living room via a widespread attempt to support the evolution of collective consciousness through effective inner practices. What we have witnessed is a worldwide phenomenon where, as social distancing became the norm, scores of people around the world were practicing yoga and raising their consciousness together in a single virtual space at the same time.

And it feels so good for everyone that live online yoga classes and meditation sessions are set to continue when the coronavirus situation has subsided. 

We currently have the following online sessions available to support your yoga and meditation practice at home.

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Live Online Yoga Classes Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Prana Flow ®   




Prana Flow ®




Living in Harmony



Yoga Classes at Lotus Room

The regular yoga classes schedule will be resumed in September.

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Contact Jenny to join the online yoga and meditation sessions. You will receive a link with an invitation and a password to join the class via Zoom.