The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2018: Norwich


The Norwich Yoga Retreat 2018

A yoga retreat to unplug, unwind, relax and return to Presence

In May 2018, the Lotus Room went to peaceful Norwich to unplug, unwind, relax and find a deeper connection with the Self, others and nature. Letting go of the daily stresses of life, we returned to a state of pure being. Finding stillness of mind, we made a return to Presence and the joy of living in the moment. We celebrated the simple pleasure of being human.

“The yearly retreats have become a yearly ritual for me to take time out and connect with my practice, but more than that, to connect with myself. The ambience is always so full of nature and so holding that you do not want to leave. At the same time, it is just enough time to re-energise and replenish my soul and reflect on ways to keep this feeling and this journey in my everyday life. I am so grateful! Thank You!” ~ Elena Felice

“So powerful. So healing. So peaceful. In contact with nature. Very grounding. Loved every aspect of it. Just what I needed after a very stressful period. Jenny is such a loving person. She transmits love and positive energy. Her voice is so healing. Thanks, Jenny. Keep it up. Really glad I got to know you. You inspire me a lot xxxxxx” ~ Bernardette Vella

“This was amazing. I reached my goals. I have my reservoir full of love again … and that is all that matters. I’m so blessed that I met Jenny. You are an inspiration to us, and I think that the closing ceremony was one of the best feelings ever. Thank you xxx” ~ Jacqueline Cocker

“The retreat was perfect, good food, comfortable beds, very nice relaxing place, good group. It was an amazing experience which I will carry with me … and will help me live more in peace. A Super Yoga Teacher. What more do we need? With Love xxx” ~ Roberta Lautier

The Lotus Room Norwich Retreat 2018 experience






Jenny says:

The retreat was amazing –  a few weeks later and  I’m still shimmering! It has been an incredibly rich journey for the mind, body and soul.

We created a space for us to slow down, giving ourselves permission to tune in, to listen deeply and to feel. We prepared to open up to receive the healing and regenerative power of soma – a yoga practice dedicated to the healing lunar arts of yoga through meditative vinyasa.

It was a return to simplicity. Most of the time, in this demanding and busy world, we tend to push for hardcore poses because we are conditioned ‘to do … more, more, more … harder, harder, harder!’ Because of this, the beauty of slowing down and living in the moment is undervalued. However, when you give yourself permission to slow down, it is amazing how powerful and connected the practice can make you feel! Breathing, moving, pulsing – this was a space ‘to be’. And we got there by evolving the practice gradually, day after day.






Even nature was our side. The weather was lovely and we could enjoy nature walks in silence, listening to the chirping birds and feeling the fresh breeze and warm sun.


“We shared laughter, we created joy, we danced in freedom, we shed tears and together we healed. The energy we cultivated as a collective is something to treasure and will be with us for years to come….” ~ Jenny

Location of Norwich Yoga Retreat 20198 by the Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

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