Lotus Room Yoga Malta


Lotus Room Yoga Malta

Lotus Room Yoga Malta is one of the first yoga studios in Malta, established over ten years ago. The Lotus Room story is a story of love and family and Jennifer Cortis hosts several classes, workshops, yoga retreats and yoga holidays to create the space for deeper connection with Self and other.

Jennifer Cortis C.H. Dip Yoga is a dedicated yogini who has been teaching yoga in Malta for over a decade. She progressively trained with world-renowned teachers and evolved her style to integrate traditional and contemporary styles. Jennifer is a modern yogini who embodies yoga as a way of life. Teaching yoga is not only her passion, it is her service.

Join a Malta yoga community at the Lotus Room. Discover Yoga at Lotus Room Yoga Malta.

Yoga Classes Malta

Yoga Classes Malta | Lotus Room Yoga Malta

The yoga classes that define Lotus Room Yoga Malta have evolved into a unique and effective yoga style through Jennifer’s constant dedication. All yoga classes are based on Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga, which combines movement with breath – a practice that trains you to tap into blissful Presence. You will join regular mixed level group yoga classes, which allow students to progress gradually at their own pace. There are also specific workshops of yoga for beginners or advanced practitioners. Weekly meditation sessions explore various meditation techniques and how to integrate them into daily life.

Yoga workshops, yoga retreats and yoga holidays

Yoga Retreats | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Apart from its weekly classes, the Lotus Room offers themed workshops that aim to inspire personal evolution and harmony with all that is. Jenny hosts a variety of yoga events throughout the year. The yoga workshops are focused on a particular area of self-exploration and development. Yoga retreats or yoga holidays allow for a deeper immersion on a particular theme, while combining wellness with pleasure. Your participation helps create heart-warming events which offer an experience that ripples into your day-to-day life and relationships. Subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest yoga events by Lotus Room Yoga Malta.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga | The Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

At the Lotus Room, we encourage you to embrace yoga fully and completely. We encourage you to dive into your practice as deeply as you can in order to reap its finest fruit. Bhakti yoga practice includes mantra chanting and devotional service. This practice develops a state of consciousness that embraces the Divine as Beloved. As our hearts are purified, we develop compassion, unconditional love and selfless service. We also begin to experience a loving relationship with the Absolute and everything that co-exists within the Universe. An open heart and mind allow us to experience the benefits of bhakti yoga, no matter our culture or creed.

Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda | Lotus Room Yoga Malta

Ayurveda deals with the Vedic knowledge relating to good health and the preservation of life. Yoga and Ayurveda together form a complete discipline for a holistic lifestyle. Yoga adopts the diet and health regimens of Ayurveda to prepare the body and mind for practices for evolutionary transformation. Meanwhile, Ayurveda perceives Yoga as a healing tool because mental, spiritual and emotional well-being is essential for optimal physical health and longevity. At the Lotus Room, we can offer advice regarding Yoga for your type or for self-healing.

Create a life of balance

What does it mean to live a yoga life? At the Lotus Room, we encourage you to step into your yogi or yogini shoes as fully as you feel comfortable with and progress at a pace which you can uphold. Starting with yoga poses and meditation, you may find yourself drawn to adopt other yoga practices, the moral standards and diet recommendations. Adopting a yoga lifestyle will offer greater benefits than attending a weekly class, no matter what your main motivation for attending yoga classes may be. The benefits of yoga are many and the more you practise, the greater your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Lotus Room Yoga Centre, Malta

Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

Lotus Room Yoga Malta offers you the solution to complete well-being. At the Lotus Room, we integrate all aspects of Yoga practice and Ayurvedic principles to ensure that the Lotus Room is a place of wholesome transformation for you, according to your needs and at your own pace. To practice yoga is to experience well-being. Live the yoga life with Lotus Room Yoga Malta.

“Yoga is not just what we do on the mat, but how we live our lives.”