Living in Harmony Guided Meditation

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Living in Harmony

Guided Meditation

Experience the deep relaxation, emotional balance, creativity and sense of well-being resulting from guided meditation, while developing your conscious awareness and refining your perception of Self and Oneness.

Meditation is one of the core practices of yoga, with simple techniques that have far-reaching effects. At the Lotus Room, through guided meditation sessions, we explore various techniques to help you identify what works best for you.

Techniques include mantra, breath, awareness, mindfulness and transcendental meditation. We also explore other techniques, such as Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing yogic sleep that trains the mind for concentration, and Pranayama, controlled breathing techniques that cleanse, balance and empower the energy body.

Furthermore, we also explore how you can integrate these techniques in your daily life. This is a space to experience together and share experiences, as well as discuss any questions over tea. We encourage you to bring a meditation journal to class as we ask reflection questions at the end of the session.

These ongoing guided meditation sessions are designed in rhythm with the cycles of the moon, so you can experience the individual and group dynamic changing with the ebb and flow of life according to the cycles of nature.

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Guided meditation sessions are held every Friday at 7pm.

Contact Jenny for further information and to book your space. Stay informed by clicking “interested” on the Living in Harmony Meditation Facebook event.

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