The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019: Granada, Spain

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019 Granada Spain

The Granada Yoga Retreat 2019

A yoga retreat to reconnect with true essence, inner flow and life purpose with joy.

In May 2019, the Lotus Room went to Granada on a yoga journey with an intention to embody the vitality and enjoyment of life more fully. The core tool was Prana Vinyasa Yoga, whereby the life force in the breath is utilised to power movement in a state of unified consciousness. This extends to life in all its waves, cycles and evolution. 

The Lotus Room Granada Retreat 2019 experience

“The retreats with the yoga practice and meditation offer a space to reflect on so many aspects of what is going on in your life: what you have gone through to get here, and if you are on the path that you want to be on. It is powerful and empowering. Thank you!” Elena Felice

“Challenging and overwhelming with lots of expected and unexpected experiences. I feel better and more focused. I realised certain things I could not on my own and without Jenny. It was a huge help that she was always available and we could always talk to her.” ~ Jenny Gyorffy

“The experience is deeply enriching. You meet yourself. Coming face to face with myself in a foreign land has been magical. I felt protected. I felt directed and humbly corrected. I’m forever grateful.” ~ Lyanne Vella

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019 Granada Spain

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019 Granada Spain

“Best way to reflect my being and set a direction and purpose in life. Very well planned and executed retreat.” ~ Fritz Grimm

“This first retreat went way beyond my ‘expectations’; it will be my guidance from now on. A unique and fantastic journey to empower each one of us. Highly recommended!” ~ Vincent Ballet

“I can’t believe it took me so long to join one of these retreats. I came here wanting an unforgettable experience and I am leaving a changed person. Sign me up for next year!” ~ Rachel Cassar

The Lotus Room Yoga Retreat 2019 Granada Spain

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Jenny says:

This yoga retreat was all about reconnecting with our true essence, inner flow and life purpose with joy. It was simultaneously one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding retreats I have ever hosted.

Each day’s practice of meditation, Pranayama and Prana Vinyasa Yoga centred around a particular intention: Creativity, Action and Balance. Ultimately, this deep yoga journey brought a greater acceptance of the living flow and a creative fulfilment of life purpose for all involved.

After the opening ceremony, we each set our personal intention for the retreat and surrendered into Yoga Nidra to prepare the soil to nurture the seed.

On day two, the practices were focused on the Creative Force, with spontaneous, simple movement in freedom, like a sprout coming to life.

Later, we visited the majestic Alhambra, which was a truly memorable outing with the group.

Day three was Action day, with practices targeted towards empowerment and the potential to manifest. The seedling takes shape and grows.

In the evening, a slower practice nourished the body and the spirit rested with a wonderful sound meditation.

The intention for day four was Balance between Shiva and Shakti, the creative potential (creative force) and the manifestation (action). The day’s practices, which included sound meditation and movement meditation, invited the union of opposites within the flowers of our hearts. 

During the closing ceremony on day five, we embodied the fruits of the retreat.

At this year’s Lotus Room retreat, there was ample opportunity for reflection and empowerment to choose our life’s direction. Each year, we explore a different theme through yoga, movement, meditation, reflective writing, chanting and other practices. I really enjoy creating and offering retreats with transformative intentions and powerful alignments. And I really enjoy holding space. I feel very grateful for the trust and the joy we share together in the unfolding.

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