Chakra Journey

Chakra Journey chakra yoga workshops by the Lotus Room Malta

Chakra Journey

Chakra yoga workshops designed to explore your chakras (vital energy centres)

Discover your unique and vast potential, step fully into your power and find your voice with chakra yoga. Explore the energy centres in your body to optimise the function of your physical, physiological, psychological and emotional wellness. 

Asanas (yoga poses), meditation, reflection and mantras are used to focus on these vital energy centres and open up to the vast field of the inner body and facilitate intense awareness and healing. There are several chakras in our bodies, with seven principle ones governing various aspects of the body and mind. By becoming aware of your chakras you begin a process of harmonising the gross and subtle levels of your energy and consciousness. 

What am I going to learn at these workshops?

  • You will learn how the chakras impact your overall health.
  • You will learn how to become aware of each chakra for physical and emotional wellness.
  • You will understand the connection between the mind and the body, as well as the effects that your thoughts have upon you and your well-being.

Workshop details:


A series of workshops starting January each year.


25 euro per workshop


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Stay informed by clicking “interested” on the Facebook event or contact Jenny for further information. Contact Jenny to book your space at the Chakra Journey workshops as spaces are limited.