Yoga for stress management

Adopt yoga for stress management: relax your body, calm your mind and fill your being with life force energy.

Stress is often regarded negatively but every situation has a positive side. Discover yoga for stress management to take only the positive from stress

What is stress?

Stress is an automatic physical and mental response that arises under pressure as nature’s way of helping a person stay alert, motivated and able to do more than normally capable.

Negative repercussions arise when time to relax and unwind is overlooked so that stress is retained and accumulated in body and mind. Stressed out individuals may accumulate a great deal of physical tension in particular areas of their bodies, such as the shoulders, while the symptoms of long-term stress can range from feeling high strung to feeling exhausted.

What causes stress?

It is not always easy to identify the cause of stress. We are all individual creatures and what is joy to one may be distressing to another. For example, taking a plane can be a cause of excitement in one person but a cause for anxiety in another.

Stress can be caused by all kinds of different situations. There may be particular circumstances, such as getting married, moving house or the loss of a loved one, or lifestyle situations, such as relationship and family demands, pressure at the workplace and other expectations.

Yoga for stress relief

Whatever the cause of stress may be, yoga is an ideal way to deal with it. Yoga postures, meditation and breathing can offer sustainable relief to a stress affected person in several ways.

Yoga practice releases physical tension while improving muscle tone, strength, flexibility and stamina. It stills the mind to give rise to a sense of balance, calm and well-being. Yoga can even help in the cure of depression – it boosts creativity, concentration, self-control and self-esteem.

Yoga for stress relief works not only directly on the body and mind but also with the breath. One of the causes and results of stress is shallow and quick breathing, as when your system is getting ready to “fight or flight”.

When you rest between Asanas, abdominal tension is released, which promotes deep breathing. Meditation slows down both the mind and the breath, while Pranayama encourages you to become aware of your breathing and conditions the lungs to take deep, slow breaths.

Yoga for stress management

You never need to be concerned about eliminating stress as much as to manage it to your advantage. Yoga for stress management is effective in releasing accumulated tension by transmuting it into energy, creativity and motivation.