Testimonial – Yoga & Ayurveda Detox

Feel SO touched and happy for this student who attended the Yoga & Ayurveda Cleanse last Spring! She is sharing her amazing experience here:

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

“Just like the seasons turn, characterised with their changes, we also change. However, unfortunately because of the various external factors surrounding us, these changes which we experience, may sometimes put us off balance. This is why it is important that with every change that we experience we also seek to maintain or retrieve our balance. Before the last Spring equinox my life and body had gone through many changes which were being destructive to me. I had experienced 2 miscarriages within 5 months and also the growth of a uterine cyst which doctors were fearing might be cancerogenous.

Despite all of this, I never allowed myself to crumble, I didn’t speak about it except for a number of superficial details to a select few and I cried only in private with my husband or while alone. Doctors suggested various tests and after a surgery that I had to undergo after my second miscarriage they reassured me that I am still young and my body would be fine. But I wasn’t feeling fine – I knew I was not ok.

Providence made sure that after a few weeks from my last doctor’s appointment I was invited by a close friend to the Spring Yoga & Ayurveda Detox organised by Jenny at the Lotus Room Yoga Centre. I was instantly drawn to the event and knew that this would be beneficial for me. The detox was intense. However, Jenny and the other participants were all very supportive. My husband was also trying to follow parts of the detox and being supportive during those days. I was used to eating and cooking healthy food and I already had a good background knowledge of clean eating, but no matter how much you know, it’s never enough. Sharing and learning from others made the experience more complete and instructive.

What made it so intense for me though was not the food preparation but the constant self-discipline in following the detox, while still carrying on with my busy schedule. What really made a difference was making time for silence, to meditate and contemplate – this helped me re-open my heart and soul to prayer but before getting to that stage I had to clear my mind – de-clutter it from all the stress, pain, disappointment and fear. This was achieved also through the various breathing exercises and yoga poses suggested by Jenny.

It was only once the state of complete cleanliness, of both body and mind, that I could feel myself heal. And trust me I did heal – at the end of the detox there was a new moon, as Jenny described it, a time for new beginnings, new challenges and for seeds to be sowed. Little I knew that the seed of new life was being planted in me and that my new-found mind and body balance was receptive and welcoming enough for that new life. Now 6 months later, I am in my 26th week of pregnancy (I will let you do the maths). We have been blessed with a child and my body could take the pregnancy, even though in medical terms it seemed too early and too soon after my previous losses.

Bottom line is … if you feel imbalanced, confused and out of focus, my advice is to consider this detox. Don’t wait to reach your breaking point! If you have passed your breaking point – DO THE DETOX. The detox will not solve your problems or alleviate your pains, but it will reinstate your body’s and mind’s balance – all the tools you need to overcome any challenging change. It will help you reconnect with yourself and subsequently the world around you in a manner through which you can discern better which choices to make or not to make. This is the time to heal and the season to strengthen yourself while you reap the harvest of what you sowed back in spring.”

Contact Jenny for further information or to book your space at these workshops as spaces are limited.