Shifting our Spirituality (Online and Elsewhere)

Our lives have been turned upside down in a matter of weeks. The familiarity that was our trusted bedfellow has abandoned us and been replaced by an uncertainty so pervasive that it threatens to overwhelm the entire global order. More people are suffering – but not just in the obvious ways portrayed by the mainstream media. The pandemic we’re currently facing is sadly claiming lives yet it’s also the biggest global opportunity to arise in our favour in a long time.

At no other moment in the history of mankind have we been so effortlessly connected, despite social distancing. It’s reasonable to state that we can communicate with most people on the planet wherever they might be in 2020, and we’re being bombarded with this truth as we stay home and scramble to adapt to self-isolation. Whereas the online world was previously an extension of our lives, it has now become our lifeline seemingly overnight. As we move through the initial discomfort of adjustment, we might become acutely aware that this in fact a healing process instigated by nature itself.

Two binary opposites are being offered to us: that of an invisible worldwide war and an economic slump the likes of which we’ve never seen; and that of a planet that has taken matters into its own hands and delved into regeneration mode, with the atmosphere cleansed, wildlife given some respite, and our skies – and lungs – saved from a slow suffocation. We’re forced to realise that the rat race and “business as usual” isn’t a sustainable economic model, that we can achieve more by doing less, where individuals’, governments’ and businesses’ real priorities lie, and what’s truly essential to life on Earth. And that’s certainly not money!

The way we perceive this crisis and what we do with this awareness will define what comes next and the new post-coronavirus period to come. Meditation is key to understanding these currents and using them for the greater good. Lotus Room is closed in the physical sense but more open and active than ever in the spiritual sense. Our practice has simply transfigured itself to the virtual realm, where new feelings, perceptions and possibilities will be triggered.

Complacency and cynicism must be turned into tokens of the past paradigm. Community and collective action to drive constructive change for the wellbeing of humanity as a whole are the way forward.

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