Seeing the Bigger Picture

Life is full of ups and downs, no matter how rich or popular you are. Practical issues may range from having to vacate your apartment within a week and having nowhere to live, to having the tax man poke your ribs about your undeclared income. Emotional issues may range from feeling abandoned and rejected by those you care about to feelings of uncertainty as to the true motives of the people flocking around you. The dramas of life are plenty and the stories in which they unfold can come in endless variations.

In the midst of all that dramatic happening, it is easy to get absorbed by it all. We tend to identify with the situation and let our emotions take over. However, it is wiser to step back a little and look at it all from the outside; as if it were not happening to us – as if it was just a movie and we’re looking to unravel the ultimate plot of the story.

For example, think back to those situations in your life when you have felt hopeless, lost and completely disconnected. Then remember that “Aha!” moment, later on, when everything fell into place at last. Then you realised that everything happened for a reason.

You realise that everything is interconnected. It is not just that we are made of the same stars, inhabit the same earth, breathe the same air and drink the same water. It is an inner knowing that the universal mind works with a higher wisdom than we could ever comprehend with our little personal minds.

Everything that happens can be used for personal growth and a higher purpose. Any perceived disconnection is just an illusion, because everything is actually working like clockwork, with every action and reaction having its perfect place. We can look deeper to help us see unhealthy behaviour patterns, break them, nourish new seeds and grow. If we don’t look, we’re bound to repeat the same patterns and the same mistakes.

So step back and look at the content of your life and place it in the context of your human experience. Things will take on a whole different dimension. First of all, in the context of several lifetimes or even eighty-two years, this moment won’t look as big and overwhelming as in the context of a few days or weeks. Secondly, we can more easily detach ourselves from what is happening, to look for the lesson that this human experience has in store for us. See life like a chastising mother who loves us such that she will correct our life’s path for our ultimate benefit.

When we realise that everything is exactly as it should be and remember to be grateful for the lesson, we set ourselves up for the very best thing that can come to us in the next moment. Because, think about it, if you now changed even the slightest part of the life you lived, you would not be where you are or the person you are now. And you are amazing!

photography: Fritz Photogaphy

writing: Melanie Drury