On Kindness

Kindness makes the world go round, but many people are still not privy to this truth. Our gentle acts of selflessness and compassion have the ability to touch others’ lives beyond measure, yet we often underestimate the power we can wield over the collective self. It’s in moments of clarity and higher awareness that the intricately connected motions of the universe and the chain reactions of goodness start to colour a fuller picture of existence.

True kindness flows from an infinite river of empathy. Putting yourself in others’ shoes, understanding that we’re all made from the same matter – and that matter is the stuff of stars, as Carl Sagan famously iterated – bridges the gap we’re wired to perceive between our own struggles and those of others.

It’s useful to expand our notions of kindness beyond the limited narratives of humanity that bombard us every second of our modern lives. Insurance companies would have us believe that our kids’ accidental breakage of material luxuries warrants a premium; global news is utterly unshakeable in its depiction of the worst traits of humanity.

What do innocent children and the world’s politicians, refugees, soldiers and criminals have in common? A deep need for kindness. Even though it might take a leap of the imagination to feel the commonality and express sentiments of unconditional understanding and acceptance, this is what lights up the world and fills it with hope for a better future. Smile at a complete stranger on the street, show your appreciation to everyone who reflects that spark of divinity in you – your kindness will save someone’s life.