Fill Up & Overflow

It would be quite realistic to describe yourself as a tiny pocket of energy moving within an ocean of energy. Even science has long concluded that solid matter is nothing but a cluster of atoms made up of empty space with charged up electrons whizzing around a tiny nucleus.

You may know, if you paid attention during Physics class, that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transferred and transmuted. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel very full of energy and at other times you feel completely drained? Have you ever noticed that you might always feel drained after interacting with certain persons? Such people are known as energy vampires. But what is an energy vampire and how do you know if you’re being one?

Truth be told, we can all be energy vampires. We can drain people emotionally by engaging them in drama. We can drain people mentally by forcefully stealing their attention. We can even drain people’s pockets from that energy called money – a quantitative value of the energy we engage in work.  

All this taking without being given is a form or exploitation, an attempt to steal from our environment that energy that we don’t know how to obtain directly from the source.

Indeed, the sages of the Vaisnava tradition of India explain that there are three states of existence: the plane of exploitation, the plane of renunciation and the plane of dedication

Renunciation refers to the neutral state of remaining equanimous and unaffected by other people’s dramas or their stealing attention, time or things. Cessation of suffering occurs through non-attachment.

Dedication, on the other hand, refers to a wonderful state of service. Here, the yogi experiences a natural state of fullness from the overflowing fountain of divine love. He or she can freely give his or her attention, time or things without ever experiencing lack or feelings of loss.

When you are feeling depleted, personal energy can be restored in a natural way using pranayama (breathing) techniques and visualisations through meditation.

A relatively easy one to try begins by taking a few moments to breathe deeply and relax into conscious presence. When you are ready, envision a ball of light in the solar plexus area just above your naval. With each inhalation, allow it to expand bigger and stronger, until it pervades the whole body and your entire physical and energetic field. Feel yourself become fortified by the power of prana.

Do this as a morning practice and whenever you need an extra power boost, whether energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Harness your own power. This allows you to remain centred and act from a place of love in every situation.

Photography: Fritz Photography

Writing: Melanie Drury