Energy, attention & guided meditation

Inherent to both yoga and martial arts are energy flow, awareness and consciousness. One of the first things that becomes evident in the practice of martial arts is that ‘energy follows attention.’ It is largely experienced in the physical body, but it is also true for a particular emotion or mental construct, or ‘story’ – what you focus upon becomes energised. 

Take pain or a torturous thought, for example. Follow it and it increases. Resist it and it increases. Observe it and allow it, and it dissolves. Try it! 

Focus on an experience, whether physical, mental or emotional, sends energy there naturally, but then, it is the attitude towards it that defines what gets energised. Through buying into the drama or resisting what is, a state of suffering becomes energised. Through allowing what is to simply be, without attachment or aversion, a state of health, harmony and well-being becomes energised. Our attitude towards our experience will define what will be fed by order of resonance.

It quickly becomes very clear that the mind plays a crucial role, not only regarding the focus of attention but also through the attitude and feeling that accompany that focus. And that’s why guided meditation can be a wonderful way to start a meditation practice that can lead to profound experiences.

Guided meditation involves an external guide to the inner journey, usually through softly spoken instructions. Intention and visualisation are used to direct energy to a particular affect. This may range from dropping attention from the mind chatter into body and breath, to a journey through different dimensions of reality, and working with light and energy.

The simple act of focusing attention and directing energy to these guided experiences, which may feel real as real can be, may help you tap into the silence within and unlock untapped potential. When physical sensations, such as a feeling of warmth when visualising the sun, might be experienced, can you imagine, then, what might happen if you would visualise the light of consciousness flowing down upon you like a waterfall?

Guided meditation can take many different forms with a variety of intended outcomes. Trying different ones can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery and personal evolution, in a simple and effective way. And once you have discovered the fascinating landscape of your own inner terrain, you will be keen to keep exploring further!