Be Here Now, effortlessly

When I first started my yoga journey, I heard terms like ‘grounding’ and ‘presence,’ but didn’t quite understand what they really meant. Probably because I was neither grounded nor present at the time. They were abstract concepts beyond my actual experience, and therefore unknown and unconceivable. In time, with the practice of yoga and meditation, they revealed themselves naturally and when I felt it, I knew it. 

In simple terms, ‘grounding’ is about the ‘here’ and ‘presence’ is about the ‘now’. Grounding is about energy, and presence is about consciousness.

As we are growing up, we are conditioned to believe that, as Descartes put it, “I think, therefore I am.” Nothing could be further from the Truth. Thinking keeps us from our true ‘Being.’ Thinking keeps our energies in our head and mutes our body’s ‘feeling’ with its constant chatter. Thought tends to wander into the past and future, a mental time that is not corresponding to real time. In short, uncontrolled wandering thoughts keep us from the here and now, disconnecting us from the Self, the real “I AM Presence.”

When our mind is quiet, we can become more aware. It begins with awareness of our inner world of experience. We can notice what is actually going on within us – physically, emotionally and mentally. As we drop our attention into our bodies and connect more with ‘feeling,’ we are energetically rooted to the earth and everything that touches it. This is grounding – an awareness of and connection to what is right here.

When we gain this ‘centredness’ and feel ‘grounded,’ we also gain a greater sense of what is happening right before us and all around us – the outer world of experience. By expanding focused attention to an open awareness of all that is moving in time within our perception, we come to a true realisation of the boundless now. And we realise that indeed, “There are no ordinary moments,” as Dan Millman puts it in his book, ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior.’

This is the way to ‘be.’ This is the way to Self-realisation – a realisation of the Self within, the Self expanded, the Self here and now that’s yet beyond space and time. 

And it all becomes effortless, eventually. Initially, meditation practice may feel like an effort because thoughts persist and you may experience frustration rather than stillness. But when you drop your attention and develop open awareness, arising thoughts are no longer unwelcome obstacles, they simply are. You, the ‘I AM Presence’ is untouched and the meaning of the Here and Now as a true ‘Present Moment’ is revealed. 

Photography: Fritz Photography