Balancing Work and Life

The timeless equation and an ideal we’re all consciously or unconsciously pursuing – a good work/life balance. Some seem to have nailed it effortlessly, aligning their work with their passion so that the demands on mind and body remain pleasantly manageable.

Others are not so fortunate. Many people’s professional exigencies take out more of them than they get back, and life quickly spirals into a perpetual tug-of-war between honouring work commitments and maintaining a healthy spiritual life that assigns due importance to all that’s necessary to nourish the self.

How to Achieve It

If logistical adjustments to your daily grind aren’t an option, know that there’s always a way to improve your balancing act of life and work. Like any juggler’s performance, the trick is to enter a flow of alternation. Too much push, not enough catch, and the circle of movement perfected by the juggler will crash.

When the golden middle way is deformed by too much work or excessive play, you’ll feel the disruption of the balance. A hectic professional life can be toned down with frequent breaks throughout your busy days. Getting outside for five minutes of fresh air, making friendly conversation with a colleague or blowing off steam with a book during lunch all provide some spiritual respite when free time is scarce.

Yoga can be a powerful tool to restore your work/life balance. The meditative ambience of the practice cleanses your mind from a constant state of pressure or procrastination, gently bringing you closer to achieving your daily goals without submerging you into stress.

Although we must pay due respect to our working lives, remember that your holistic wellbeing lies far beyond what goes into your resume. The best work we produce comes from a place of serene equilibrium, and our yoga community helps you appreciate just that.