6 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

Given all the conditioning we are subjected to, telling us of all the duties we must perform and all the reasons why we cannot take time out for ourselves, perhaps it is time we actually look at the reasons why we should take time out to go on a yoga retreat.

1. You relax into your natural state

Sometimes we need to get away from it all in order to give ourselves permission to truly relax and unwind. Being on a yoga retreat allows you to get back in touch with your body; it allows you to listen to it more deeply and respond accordingly, such as taking rest when you need it. With no duties and nothing you have to do next, you return to the natural state of being fully present in the moment.

2. You gain a new perspective

Being in a completely new environment allows you to look at everything – yourself and the world – from a different perspective. Experiencing the unknown is an accelerated way to grow and learn, and you will have the luxury of time to do just what you want to do and reflect on what is going on inside you. When you change your routine and your surroundings, you see things in a different light.

3. You are inspired for positive change

The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new, healthy one. By breaking out of your regular routine, it is easier to break out of your old habits. The setting will inspire conscious new behaviour that supports you in expressing the highest potential of yourself.

4. You advance in your yoga practice

During a retreat you will be practising yoga much more frequently and regularly, which will ensure your consistent progress. You will be able to more acutely observe the positive changes to your physical and mental state, which will provide inspiration for you to continue a regular home practice on your return from the retreat.

5. You make new connections

Even if you embark on the journey alone, you will actually be part of something. You will experience the yoga retreat with a group of people who have a similar mindset and are on a similar path. Gathering like this in a group provides us with a mirror to see ourselves in others, helps us realise that everyone is unique yet we are all connected, and offers the opportunity for new friendships to blossom.

6. You deserve it!

You, like most people, probably work hard daily and spend much of your time caring for the needs of others. You may find many reasons for not doing something for yourself; the excuses often revolve around time, money, or circumstance. But, a little self-love goes a long way to filling you up so that you can truly love others. You can always find reasons why you should or should not do something, however the key to happiness is knowing what’s good for you and making it happen … because you deserve it.

Something special happens when a group of like-minded people gather in a beautiful location to share the practice of yoga. Anyone who enjoys a lifestyle of health and wellbeing will benefit greatly from the effective relax and recharge of a yoga retreat.

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