Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga | The Lotus Room Yoga Malta

Top 7 Benefits of Yoga

Seven good reasons to practise yoga

Yoga produces a general sense of well-being because it improves physical health and function and offers greater mental clarity and emotional stability. Indeed, the benefits of yoga can be felt on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga practice can have a huge impact on your psychological, physical and physiological health. Yoga can offer relief from many conditions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, asthma, back pain, arthritis and diabetes. Furthermore, regular yoga practice restores and maintains overall health and vitality in the long term. The more you practise, the greater the sense of well-being, harmony and inner fulfillment you will feel.

The positive impact of yoga practice on the human makeup is vast. However, these are probably the top seven benefits of yoga you can experience soon after beginning your practice:

1. Gain peace of mind

Gain Peace of Mind | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Yoga creates a sense of ease, thereby releasing the dilapidating effects of stress.  You can ease into mental and physical relaxation within minutes of beginning your yoga practice. Continued practice will restore the nervous system, glands and organs to a balanced and healthy state and you experience lasting relaxation and peace of mind. This is very beneficial to overall health when stress is a contributing factor to many diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and depression.

2. Stay healthy

Stay Healthy | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Yoga stimulates self-healing and is an excellent form of health maintenance and illness prevention. This is because yoga is a gentle form of exercise which consists of full breathing synchronised with movement. This oxygenates the whole body and stimulates the proper function of glands and internal organs while maintaining a low heart rate. Increased peace of mind and a general sense of well-being also strengthen the immune system.

3. Strengthen and flex

Strengthen and Flex | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Regular yoga practice helps develop a stronger core and a flexible and strong body. Yoga practice includes stretching the muscles and joints, thereby increasing flexibility. Holding poses also strengthens those muscles that are not commonly used in daily life and may have become lazy or weak.

4. Trim and tone

Trim and Toned | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Regular yoga practice can help in weight management by stimulating sluggish glands and increasing fat metabolism. As fat is converted to energy and muscles are strengthened through the exercise, your body becomes slimmer and more toned.

5. Cleanse and detox

Cleanse and Detox | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Yoga practice oxygenates the blood and improves blood circulation. Oxygen and nutrients are effectively transported throughout the whole body while toxins are flushed out. As a result, the immune system is fortified, energy levels increase and the aging process is delayed.

6. Vitalise

Vitalise | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

Yoga is one of the few physical activities that increases energy rather than spends it by its practice. Yoga improves your performance because it promotes cardiovascular health, increases oxygen supply and regulates metabolism.

7. Feel happy

Feel Happy | Lotus Room Yoga Centre

The effects of yoga on the nervous and endocrine systems cause an increased sense of internal harmony and a more positive outlook on life. Furthermore, practising yoga is a personal act of self-love and opens your heart to universal love, harmony and happiness.

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