Awakening to Meditation

Beginners Meditation Workshop

Awakening to Meditation

Beginners meditation workshop & deepening of meditation practice

Enjoy an intimate and fulfilling relationship with yourself

Feel inspired to integrate meditation into your life. The Awakening to Meditation workshop is designed to offer you an accessible way to enjoy the benefits of meditation in your life.

These series of 8 classes can be attended Live Online OR in-person at the Lotus Room Yoga Centre.

Make meditation one of the most intimate and fulfilling relationships you’ll ever have. Learn how to approach the practice of meditation with playfulness, receptivity and excitement. Discover how to embrace the fullness of your experience to reconnect with the love, compassion and wisdom that you are in your essence.

The Awakening to Meditation workshop will use words and practice to help you recognise what meditation is and what it is not. It will dispel many of the common misconceptions about meditation and offer easy steps to get started.

Anyone can practise meditation and enjoy its benefits; no qualifications are required. This is a very suitable beginners’ meditation workshop and also appealing to those who have been exploring meditation for some time. This is a series of 8 classes of 45 minutes each – 108e.

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