The Lotus Room Story

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Lotus Room Yoga Centre, Triq il-Qamh, Zebbug

Ten years ago, Jennifer went on her first trip to India, where she continued further yoga training. When she returned, she was overwhelmed to discover the greatest gift her parents could offer her: the garage of their home was converted into a yoga studio. It is also for this reason that Jenny looks upon the Lotus Room Yoga Centre as a gift born of unconditional love.

When Jenny first started practicing yoga over seventeen years ago, little did she know what destiny had in store for her. It was through the persistent encouragement of her tutor, who recognised her natural ability and disposition, that she eased into the idea of teaching.

Initially, Jenny began teaching a small group of students at a place provided by a friend, and she is grateful to him for the opportunity he offered her to truly step into the role of teacher. It was quickly apparent that she needed a bigger place, a place to call her own and set up in the longer term. And that is when the Lotus Room was born.

Throughout these years, the Lotus Room has undergone continuous refurbishment and expansion, driven by Jenny’s dedicated passion for yoga and a desire to accommodate the increasing interest in her ever-evolving yoga style. The most recent modifications were made in 2015, a fitting gift to the Lotus Room itself in the year of its 10th Anniversary.