Yoga Classes Malta

Yoga Classes Malta by the Lotus Room Yoga CentreYoga classes Malta by the Lotus Room are unique: Jennifer is a modern yogini who embodies yoga as a way of life. She has been teaching yoga in Malta for over ten years, progressively training with world-renowned teachers and evolving her style to integrate traditional and contemporary styles. The Lotus Room yoga style is based on Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga.

“Yoga is not just what we do on the mat, it is a way of life.”

All classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, with small groups of up to fifteen persons so that individual attention is guaranteed. Duration of all classes is one hour and booking is required. We have answered your frequently asked questions here.

Yoga Classes Malta Schedule

  5.30 pm

Prana Flow ®



Prana Flow ®


 Lunar Sadhana
  7.00 pm

        Prana Flow ®



       Prana Flow ®



Living in Harmony



The Lotus Room also hosts a variety of yoga workshops and retreats, including yoga for beginners.

Class Descriptions

Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Flow Vinyasa - Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

Experience the liberation of living flow. Vinyasa combines movement and breath – the source of prana, or life force energy and conscious intelligence – into a yoga flow, a practice which also allows us to “go with the flow” in life itself. The energetic, creative and full-spectrum approach of Prana Flow ® Vinyasa helps release “doing” and ease into “being” with ease and vitality. Read more about Prana Flow® Vinyasa Yoga.

Lunar Sadhana Restorative Yoga Class

Lunar Sadhana Prana Vinyasa - Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

Release your stress and restore your body, mind and spirit. Prana Flow® Lunar Sadhana invites ease and flow through the cooling lunar current, Ida Nadi, and calls us for a journey within while honouring the body as our temple. This calming and restorative yoga class leaves you feeling rested, refreshed, and focused; it centres, balances and grounds you to better deal with a hectic lifestyle. Read more about Lunar Sadhana Restorative Yoga Class.

Living in Harmony Guided Meditation

Living in Harmony Meditation - Lotus Room Yoga Centre Malta

Experience the deep relaxation, emotional balance, creativity and sense of well-being resulting from Meditation while developing your conscious awareness and refining your perception of Self and Oneness. Meditation is one of the core practices of yoga, with simple techniques that have far reaching effects. At the Lotus Room we explore different types of meditation to help you identify what works best for you. Read more about Living in Harmony Guided Meditation.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga | Lotus Room Yoga CentreRelieve aches and pains, boost circulation and immunity, and experience a general sense of health and well-being during pregnancy. Women who practice prenatal yoga condition their body to experience minimal discomfort during pregnancy and strengthen it in preparation for labour. Pregnancy yoga is beneficial for mother and baby from the second trimester onwards right until it is time to give birth. Pregnancy Yoga is offered as a private session. Read more about Prenatal Yoga private classes.

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Contact Jenny to book meditation or yoga classes as spaces are limited. There is no better place for yoga classes Malta 🙂 Check out also our yoga workshops and retreats.