Yoga Foundation for Beginners

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Yoga Foundation for Beginners

Create solid foundations for your yoga practice

Yoga Foundation is an introduction to yoga for beginners. Our Yoga Foundation for Beginners workshop is based on the proper alignment of body and breath according to Prana Flow® Vinyasa, the principle yoga style at the Lotus Room. Vinyasa is a natural sequence unfolding with creative intelligence – a conscious evolution connecting each movement with unifying breath.

New students at the Lotus Room may join the mixed-level group classes after joining this yoga for beginners workshop, which is held monthly. The duration of the workshop is two and a half hours and the cost is 25 euro per person.

Embracing the contemporary as well as the traditional teachings and practices of yoga, perceiving it as a universal path that evolves as does our conscious awareness with time, during this workshop we:

  • Transform the experience of structured yoga poses into vital, energetic whole-body mudras (movements and poses).
  • Understand the 5 movements of Prana (vital life-force energy) in the body.
  • Learn what is yoga beyond the physical poses and how it will support your life.
  • Learn how to connect and live in harmony with nature.

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Contact Jenny to book your space for the Yoga Foundation for Beginners workshop as spaces are limited. For regular classes, check our yoga classes schedule.