Prenatal Yoga / Pregnancy Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga / Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga for pregnant women

Relieve aches and pains, boost circulation and immunity, and experience a general sense of health and well-being during pregnancy with prenatal yoga, which is also known as pregnancy yoga.

Women who practice prenatal yoga condition their body to experience minimal discomfort during pregnancy and strengthen it in preparation for labour. Pregnancy yoga is beneficial for mother and baby from the second trimester onwards, right until it is time for childbirth.

Prenatal yoga is designed to include yoga poses and stretching exercises that condition the back and abdominal muscles and gently work out the whole body without stressing it. Blood flow is stimulated, increasing the fresh oxygen supply to your muscles and organs as well as to your child in the womb. Pregnancy yoga also brings about a greater sense of calm and well-being to the expectant mother, which in turn also enhance immunity.

Book now for a Pregnancy Yoga class

Prenatal yoga classes are available as private yoga classes on mornings only by pre-booking. Class duration is one hour at the price of 30 euro, with individual one-on-one attention to cater specifically for your personal requirements. 

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